Why facilitated online courses?

Our courses are not Massive Online Courses nor webinars. Be prepared for an immersive session that is like a physical workshop, just online!

The advantages of facilitated online courses:

  • Live & Participatory: Our courses are not self-led, but facilitated live by one of our expert coaches. In addition to learning about new concepts, at least half of the course time will consist of active participation and practice in groups.
  • Intimate: The session will have max. 20 participants and we will work in small groups. It is designed for connection and peer-learning, both with your course host and the other participants.
  • Join from anywhere: thanks to the online format and our global network of hosts, you can join from anywhere in the world with a good Wifi connection.

Especially if this is your first time joining one of our online facilitated courses, make sure to read the next section on Session Setup & Rules of Engagement.